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15 essays, 2 interviews, 9 works of art, and 119 hand-designed pages of business + art goodness.

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What’s in Issue #1:

advice from leading entrepreneurs

How to Cultivate Courage in Entrepreneurship

// Advice from proven creative entrepreneurs, including: Pat Flynn, Chris Guillebeau, Natalie Sisson, Adam Baker, Danny Iny, Jason Van Orden, and Herby Fabius

author of The War of Art


How to Break Through the Naysayers and Gatekeepers to Create Your Great Work

// Advice from Steven Pressfield, bestselling author of The War of Art


host of Entrepreneur on Fire


The 5 Essential Steps to Creating a 6 Figure Podcast (*ignore them at your own risk)

// Written by the world’s leading business podcaster: John Lee Dumas of


founder of the higher purpose project


How to Change the World by Living Your Life Aligned with a Higher Purpose

// Written by visionary entrepreneur Dan Adams, creator of the 2012 ESPY award winning Mission Kilimanjaro


founder of


7 Ways to Network Your Way to the Top

// Written by networking expert, entrepreneur and attorney John Corcoran


nick loper


Tiptoeing to $10 Million in Sales

// Learn how Nick Loper took a ‘slow entrepreneurship’ approach to creating over $10 million in sales for his advertising partners.


faith watson1


Tag, it’s YOU: How to Write the One Marketing Line that Perfectly Defines Your Work

// Faith Watson walks us through the precise method she uses to create unforgettable taglines for her clients


the creative entrepreneur physical print


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Directly Impact Entrepreneurs in Developing Countries

The Creative Entrepreneur is a resource designed to help entrepreneurs like you become the best in the world at what you do. But we don’t want to stop there.

We know if we band together as a community of visionaries, we can have an even greater impact on the world by cultivating entrepreneurship where resources (financial and otherwise) are limited.

That’s why we’re partnering up with Kiva, a non-profit that provides no-interest micro-loans to entrepreneurs in developing countries who lack the resources and financing to get their community-centered projects off the ground.

For every issue of The Creative Entrepreneur we sell, 10% of the contributions will go through Kiva to fund small business projects. As soon as the loans are repaid by these entrepreneurs, they will be reinvested through Kiva into new ventures all across the world.

In this way, every dollar you donate will continue to pay dividends indefinitely.

We think that’s pretty powerful stuff, and we trust you agree.

How Kiva Works from Kiva on Vimeo:

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The Creative Entrepreneur ANGEL Investment Fund

Update: 24 February 2014

Less than two months after releasing the first issue of The Creative Entrepreneur, Insurgent Publishing has raised enough money to fully fund our first entrepreneur.

Gavhar from Tajikistan.

Gavhar is a mother of 3 living in Tajikistan, where the average annual income is $1,388. In order to support herself and her family while positively impacting her local community, Gavhar is attempting to start a sewing business.

With the money we’ve raised through the generous contributions of subscribers to this publication, we’ve been able to fully fund Gavhar’s loan, which she’ll use to purchase a sewing machine to get her business off the ground.

The Creative Entrepreneur Angel Investment Fund

This is just a small example of what’s possible when you contribute to The Creative Entrepreneur.

Our goal: to give out another 9,999 loans JUST like this one, to hard working entrepreneurs throughout the world.

If you’d like to be a part of this mission, purchase The Creative Entrepreneur today:

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Pay what you want for your copy today and directly impact entrepreneurs throughout the world.

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This Issue’s Theme: COURAGE

In our flagship issue of The Creative Entrepreneur, we focus on the central theme of COURAGE.

Courage in art, in entrepreneurship and in life.

We believe courage is the first requirement for success in business, so selecting COURAGE as the focal point for our first issue was a natural choice.

The advice, insights and stories in the flagship issue of The Creative Entrepreneur will inspire you to do the authentic, hard work, others are too scared to do.  

Future issues of the journal will continue to deliver advice and insight on new themes that support the hardest working, most dedicated people we’ve met – people like you, rising up each day (even when you want to throw in the towel) to impact the world in the most meaningful and powerful way possible.

by Alysa Passage

//Artwork from the journal | ‘Courage’ by Alysa Passage

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This isn’t just a professional business + arts journal. You’ll also get:

1. BONUS CONTENT not seen in the journal

2. EXCLUSIVE interviews with the authors, editors and artists featured in The Creative Entrepreneur

3. BEHIND THE SCENES details and a look into the making of the journal

4. ACCESS TO A SPECIAL ANNUAL REPORT where we show you the impact you’re creating with every dollar you donate (by connecting with and telling the stories of the entrepreneurs we fund through Kiva)

5. And BONUS SURPRISES (because surprises rock!)

Gold Package: $68

We did a short-run, limited edition PHYSICAL print and binding of The Creative Entrepreneur.

Limited Edition Physical Print of The Creative Entrepreneur (only 100 will be printed).

Limited Edition Physical Print of The Creative Entrepreneur (only 100 will be printed).

We only printing 100 of this first edition.

*Update: there are only 58 Limited Edition Physical Prints still available.  Once they’re sold out, they’re gone.  

So if you’re interested – grab your copy today.

Each print is a labor of love.  We put our blood, sweat and tears into every single print.

Because we are using sustainably-sourced materials and partnering with an artisanal printer, the cost to create a single, limited edition journal is expensive.

We estimate each issue will cost around $47 – $65 to print .

Your purchase includes a limited physical print, plus everything included in the digital package.

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58 of 100 limited edition prints still available. 

Order today to get your copy before they’re gone.

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What Else You’ll Find in the Journal:

Brett Henley


Screw the Plans, Embrace the Do

// Author and creative instigator Brett Henley shows us how to break through creative block once and for all (*warning: his advice is not for the faint of heart)


stephanie arsoska


Courage Is…

// Scottish writer and poet Stephanie Arsoska takes us on a spoken-word journey of what courage really is (audio included in the download)


clay hebert


Bootstrapping the Future

// We sit down with Clay Hebert of Spindows to discuss crowdfunding, connection and creating impact 


justin harmon


The Rise and Fall of a Direct Sales Marketer

// Hear the incredible true story of Justin Harmon’s rocket-like rise to the top of the direct sales marketing world…and his subsequent fall right back down.


Leah and Nazrine


Make a Break For It: What Escaping Alcatraz Can Teach us About Entrepreneurship

// Leah Hynes and Nazrin Murphie take us through John Paul Scott’s stunning escape from Alcatraz in 1962 and show us how it applies to entrepreneurship



//Artwork from the journal | ‘He’s Ready’ by Lucas Ferreyra

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Lasting Value in a True Work of Art

The content of The Creative Entrepreneur is a journal of business and beauty. It also features: 

+ Gorgeous artisan artwork from from all across the world

+ A spoken word performance on the topic of courage from a Scottish writer and poet

+ The chance to experience all this brilliance in a beautiful, handcrafted PDF (or limited edition physical print)

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