Living Life Aligned with a Higher Purpose

By Dan Adams of The Higher Purpose Project | @AthleticCapital

“There is no coincidence, and nothing happens “by accident.” Each event and adventure is called to your Self by your Self in order that you might create and experience Who You Really Are. All that is required is to know this. For you are the creator of your own reality, and life can show up in no other way or you than the way in which you think it will.”

Neale David Walsch

In a world that is undergoing major transition, there is no better time to connect with fellow visionaries that are committed to pursuing their passions and being the change within their communities.

What if we were no longer afraid to fail at what we cared most about?

What if we had the courage to be the change we have always wanted to see in our lives? [click to tweet]

I sympathize with the difficulty confronting the views of traditional media, our loving parents, and those in our communities that unconsciously oppose what we are most passionate about. In response to this, I wanted to share some key insights that will help you build your path. Are you courageous enough to embark upon the journey to bring your dreams to reality?

1. Develop a vision

The creation of vision is something we all practice on a daily basis, however, it is a process that we are often unconscious of as we rationalize or blame outside events for our current situation. It is time for you to WAKE UP and recognize your potential! What do you want to be? What do you want to create in your life?

The purpose of developing a vision is to seek your highest truth, to become the best version of yourself based upon your current level of consciousness. There are no right or wrong answers, so feel free to expand your perspective through experience. It is not seeking to become that will free you, it is understanding who you truly are that will allow you to break away from perceived limitations. Be Your Own Hero!

2. Write down everything you can about the vision (be as descriptive as possible)

When you develop a vision it is important to be as descriptive as possible. Think of every little detail and envision how you want it to be. I constantly carry a composition notebook around with me to be able to capture a vision the instant it comes to me. I used the same process of visualization playing football and at times, it was simply unbelievable to see events I envisioned the night before play out on game day. It was if there was no difference between dreaming and reality. When my athletic career ended, I started using visualization to create all aspects of my life.

3. Be confident in your ability as a creator (don’t let the external environment impact your internal vision)

You must be fully confident in your power of creation. If not, you will simply allow small adversities in the external world to rob you of your power. People fail in this process because they second guess themselves (rationalization), develop a sense of fear, or they let other unconscious individuals strip away their power.

If you could create anything you wanted, would you have the courage to bring your highest vision to reality? Do you fear glimpsing your highest potential? The only way to find truth in your life is through developing your perspective through personal experience. What do you have to lose? Next time you find yourself rationalizing, take a look up at the infinity of the night sky and rethink what is possible.

4. Focus on one thing at a time and be PRESENT with everything you are doing

The power of creation is a tremendous gift but it can also cause you to go crazy if you are unable to control it.  This is a primary reason why many people fear it.

You must always be in the present moment and focused on one thing at a time. It is easy for your mind to get caught up in the past or the future, causing you to “leak” precious energy. By being present with everything that you do, a new quality of excellence comes to your work and relationships.

If all you have is NOW, why would you not enjoy the experience and make the most of it? Through this mindset, you will be amazed how small, uneventful tasks can create a sense of bliss within. This experience of bliss will allow you to begin to understand your special gift.

5. Meditate to regulate your internal environment

Meditation is the most important exercise to fully comprehend when trying to bring visions to reality; without it, your mind will consume you. The moment that you begin to feel an elevated emotion (fear, anger, arrogance, sadness, etc) you must consistently meditate (Read the Art of Meditation). If you do not learn to meditate in these emotional states, the elevated emotions will rob you of your power and cause you to spin like a top.

In severe cases, this can be described as “Mania” similar to what Charlie Sheen is currently experiencing. I think it is interesting that there is a level of genius in Sheen’s play on words, however, he has lost control of his internal environment which will force him to collapse upon himself. It is sad to see what he is going through but in this adversity lies an opportunity for him to see something greater.

Millions of people in our world are constantly caught up with emotions of the mind and through their inability to control them, they paralyze themselves. Emotions aren’t a bad thing, however, you must be able to take control of your internal environment to witness your true power. When an emotion comes to you, embrace it completely and learn to let it go. You will lose all of your creativity the minute that you identify with a negative state or fail to let go of mounting stress. This inability to control your internal state will also contribute to sickness and other physical discomforts if you remain unable to wake up to the present moment.

6. Be consistent and learn to “flow” when creating

The concept of “flow” can be described as the feeling of joy or bliss while working on a vision that you are truly passionate about. I am experiencing this right now. During “flow,” time seems to effortlessly melt away and a new level of creativity consumes your work. You most likely have experienced this phenomenon in your life, but were unaware of it when it occurred.

Is there anything that you do that allows you to lose track of time? What is it?

If you experience the phenomenon of “flow” it is important to be consistent with the task you are working on to develop your abilities in this realm. Do not rationalize to yourself that you are wasting time on things that others would deem unimportant. If you can experience flow, trust in your abilities and watch what you can create!

7. Do not identify yourself with your vision (you must not be attached to the outcomes)

The moment that you identify with a vision or become attached to the outcome you lose your power of creation. I know this seems contradictory, but it is the honest truth. Many people play “roles” throughout their entire lives, meaning that they identify who they are through their career title, relationship, amount of money in their bank account, and other external focuses. The problem with doing this is that when the external is taken away, you no longer know who you are.

I had this problem with football. When I started my first job I had to learn through suffering that I was much more powerful than any one role. Many people will go through their entire lives never understanding this illusion. These individuals will seek to become without understanding who they truly are. They will never accept their tremendous power and in doing so, blame their suffering on an unfair world.

8. Do not fear when you realize your tremendous power of creation (you will try to rationalize it at first)

When you first begin to grasp your potential you won’t believe it. [click to tweet]

You will simply think you are crazy for thinking that you can create your realities. Believe in yourself and do not be afraid. If we are all able to tap into our potential, there is no limit to what we can create.

Also, don’t let “religious zealots” condemn you for acknowledging the power within. This teaching is universal within all regions and it not understood by the masses.

9. Empower others to develop their own powers

With great power comes great responsibility. Help others realize their true potential and create tremendous change in your community. It is our responsibility as members of the younger generations to reshape unconscious systems that are part of an old story. We must alleviate the dependency on government and break out of the illusions forced upon us by mass media. You must learn to trust your inner guidance and LEAD.

10. Show love towards everyone and everything that you experience and be grateful for the power that you possess in this life

To feel love you must be love.

Be thankful for everything and everyone that you experience and take responsibility for all aspects of your life. You have the ability to be whatever you want to be if you trust in the power within.

*   *   *

founder of the higher purpose projectDan Adams is a highly successful visionary entrepreneur.  Dan created the 2012 ESPY Award Winning Mission Kilimanjaro, he is an NCAA Record Holder, and adventure junkie driven to help people realize their infinite power to create their lives. Dan is also the creator of The Higher Purpose Project, an annual retreat designed to empower young generations to “be their own hero.”