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So you want to join the Insurgency?

Good.  We’re always looking for good people.

Below, you’ll find ways to get involved and instructions on how to join the insurgency.

Glad to have you be a part of this.

p.s. Contact form is at the bottom of the page.  We look forward to hearing from you.



Are you a writer?  Do you do writer things?  Are you interested in teaming up to bring your insurgent idea to life?

Then reach out and connect with us: we’d love to talk through your ideas to see if we’re the right publisher to help bring them to life.  And even if your content doesn’t fit, we’d love to help and support your self-publishing endeavors.

So seriously, reach out to us at Tom (at) (subject line: WRITER)



Here’s the deal – writers are essential for the creation of insurgent ideas, but it’s the artists that bring them to life.

We don’t intend to create boring, old (read: conventional) nonfiction books here at Insurgent Publishing – we want stuff that’s going to make an impact and resonate with people for years to come.  There’s no better way than through incredible art.

So if you have any experience in interior /book cover design, drawing, graphic design, or anything in between, send us an email at Tom (at) (subject line: ARTIST)




Have an eye for errors (and know how to fix them)?

At Insurgent Publishing, we care about quality (to the point of perfectionism).  We’re looking for great editors to help out with our various projects.

If you fit the bill, send us an email at Tom (at) (subject line: EDITOR)

The Insurgent Street Team

00 - Insurgent Logo - png - transparent - hi resCheck it out – not everyone has the time to contribute as a writer, editor, or artists, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be a part of the Insurgency.

Insurgent Street Teams are the people that spread the vision, message and content of Insurgent Publishing.  Without you guys, our message doesn’t spread nearly as fast or effectively.

Insurgent Street Teams are the lifeblood of the Insurgency. We need you.

So if you’re interested in being an ambassador/evangelist/supporter (don’t worry, it’s not time consuming – plus you get mega perks!), check out this page to join.

Interested in getting in contact quickly?  Fill out the form below:

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