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The reality of the digital age is that there are more good ideas than ever before

This is a good thing.

The downside is that there are also more ideas in general than ever before.

That means unless people really resonate with an idea – resonate with it enough to believe in it, share and spread it – the idea is likely to die.

A good idea isn’t enough anymore.  What we need are people who believe in good ideas enough to spread them to others – what we call our Insurgent Street Team.

This Insurgent Street Team of message-spreaders and idea Ambassadors are critical to helping an idea gain attention and build momentum.  This momentum, compounded over time, inspires passion, creativity, and courage, and changes lives for the better.

We’re working hard on a variety of projects with important messages that need good people to carry them forward.  As a small startup, we can only do so much. But with your help, we can have an amazing impact on the lives of others.


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We want our Insurgent Street Team to have the most enjoyable and rewarding experience possible. When you join the Insurgent Street Team, you’ll receive:

  • Insider updates sent monthly about our latest projects that we don’t share with anyone else.  This stuff get’s detailed – from how our team at Insurgent Publishing spends our time, to what we’re working on, to how we connect with people to build our network…this is the real stuff most people never divulge.  But you’re part of the Insurgent Street Team – our knowledge (read: successes and failures) becomes your knowledge.
  • Early looks at first cuts of new content like book excerpts, trailer videos, and more.
  • The chance to help us decide on important things like interior book design, cover design, etc.
  • Fun marketing materials that coincide with upcoming project launches – and the ability to offer feedback and suggestions for creative, new ways to spread a message for the greatest reach and impact (we are insurgents, after all – it’s all about creative and resourceful marketing tactics and strategies).
  • A private Facebook group where we share exclusive content regarding Insurgent Publishing.
  • Special editions of content – from limited edition prints of books and journals, to exclusive interviews and audio content.
  • Invitations to a private quarterly video hangout with Tom and the rest of the Insurgent Street Team to talk tactics, techniques and procedures for spreading the message…and just to hangout, have fun, and/or simply enjoy the conversation with an adult beverage of your choice.
  • Occasional surprises because surprises are fun!

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The Creative Entrepreneur: the only business and arts journal written by and for entrepreneurs

The Creative Entrepreneur journal is a donation-based, semi-annual, digital arts publication that focuses on business + art in the 21st century.

The theme of the first edition is COURAGE.

The Creative Entrepreneur | A Business and Arts Journal for the 21st Century Entrepreneur

The Creative Entrepreneur | the only business and arts journal written by and for entrepreneurs

Every edition is ‘Donate What You Want’ starting at $1+ (with bonuses for those who donate at the Gold level).

Our goal with each edition is to raise money for charitable causes.  Our vision is to leverage the greatest writers, entrepreneurs and artists in the world to create positive, global impact with every publication.

Currently, we have some world class artists and entrepreneurs involved, from John Lee Dumas to Pat Flynn to Steven Pressfield.

We’re looking to leverage the people we already have contributing to get even more world class contributors – the more big names we can associate with the journal, the greater its reach and spread.



The Creative Entrepreneur Media Package

To make things easy, we created a big media bundle exclusively for the Insurgent Street Team. Here’s what’s included:

  • Digital Version of the 1st edition of The Creative Entrepreneur: Mobi + PDF : read on any tablet, computer, kindle, etc.
  • Exclusive Graphics: high-res images you can display with a review or on your site to promote this project
  • A Special Gift: extended, exclusive bonus interviews

When you sign up to join the Insurgent Street Team, you’ll get the opportunity to download The Creative Entrepreneur Media Package as soon as it’s available. It couldn’t be easier! After you’re unpacked the bundle, here are a few ways you could help:

  • Publish a journal review on your blog (here are a couple great examples of reviews of Tom’s book, The Art of Instigating, which you can model for your reviews of the journal when we release in January)
  • Mention The Creative Entrepreneur on Twitter using the hashtag #TheCreativeEntrepreneur
  • Organize a Google Hangout with Tom exclusively for your audience

So, if you haven’t already, sign up to join the Insurgent Street Team and get access to The Creative Entrepreneur media packaged as soon as it’s available.

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